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Have decided to do this.

NGAC and I spent - what was it almost an hour and a half intotal - trying to ftp the files containing some study material across to me (We didn't succeed by the way). Anyway, that's the plan. Wish me luck.

PS: GMAT still going. Booked for next March.

My Tech-penury


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Have realised for a person who claims to be interested in technical reviews, I own some pretty low fare stuff. Let's review:

- Motorola W375, fuchsia at that (it was a phase, I almost opted for a pink credit card)

- Verbatim 2GB pen drive (I woke up at 8 am on a Saturday to pick that up for $10 @ a one day only sale)

- Seagate standard 3.5" 80GB hard drive in a local USB casing to make it portable

- Dell 1525 - that's after 2 months of soul ravaging conflict between economy and a MacBook Pro :(

- Transcend 1GB mp3 player (bought based on experience with friend's model and lack of drive to shop around)

- DLink DIR300 wireless router, coz it was the cheapest!




No iPods, no piano black 8GB N95's.

Who cares actually, this was a fun exercise though!

It's here!


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My new Ubuntu CD arrived. Unfortunately haven't had the time to install/run it on the fly. Will do so next weekend.

Am planning to buy a Seagate FreeAgent Go 160GB drive as a gift for friend who's going abroad soon except there is no reliable looking online retailer that will ship to India. Seagate website has a weird bug that changes the website to the US version despite repeated efforts to keep it on India. Am thinking of simply going in for 250GB WD Passport instead. Same price, 100 gigs more. I wonder. But the Seagate's so pretty with the whole orange sidebar softly blinking when in use! Plus it's on-the-go security promises to never leave a trace on any public computer where you will use it. And since the bloke I'm buying it for will be using it while @ university, that is a definite plus. Anyway, here the 2 are, will let you know how it turns out.


Seagate                                  WD          



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Have ordered 3 books @ Amazon. My first Amazon purchase.

1. Princeton Review with DVD (unfortunately was brainless enough to not realise 2009 version would be available in June, so have ordered 2008 one!)

2. Official Guide to GMAT Review

3. Official Guide to Verbal Reasoning

4. Official Guide to Quantitative Analysis

Cost me AUD103, including a $25 delivery. Not bad I say, compared to the $200-odd I would've shelled out buying it straight off (the official GMAT site) or at Borders (not that they would've had it, the fiction loving idiots!). Downside - Expected delivery date is late June!

As for the Manhattan Guide to Sentence Correction so widely renowned in the GMAT blogosphere, I simply printed out the 77-pager from the free pdf download at, punched it and put it into a ring binder! Also printed and bound Spidey's and Sahil's SC notes while I was at it (Confession : used office printer).

Intend to do same for rest of mg's stuff. Brilliant, I say.

Also made an account with and downloaded their free GMAT software.

Have placed GMAT in large red letters on a spirax and written pattern on inside cover. Intend to practise in this notebook as well, as practicing on sheets of paper leads to trouble later as one tries to remember past approaches to questions.

Plan till books arrive - GMAT Prep software/mg SC/all mg stuff.

Once books arrive, will start with PR and then move on to OG's. Expect to finish all this by end of year giving 5-7 hours every weekend. Then will buy Kaplan in 2009 and take a week's leave and book GMAT exam. That's the plan, amigos, that's the plan.


PS: Am using Windows Live writer to write this. Its a free blogging software downloadable off the Microsoft website. For once, Microsoft has done something right - they kept it free. Brilliant for blokes (blokies?) like me who need to quickly and painlessly post to multiple blogs.

MBA Girl


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So I'm joining the ranks of the many who do the Engineering and MBA thing. Deciding that CAT (the entrance exam for Indian Institutes of Technology) is not in my destiny, seeing as I either misjudge my result (by almost 20 percentile) or the CAT misjudges me (by about 8%ile), its moving on time.


Why I'm blogging about this

I am a procrastrinator by nature. I hate keeping schedules because I don't stick to them. There are 2 reasons to get out of this habit - (A) I'm not going to get into a good business school with this attitude and (B) Personal improvement and all that 7 secrets of highly successful people blahahaha. This blog documents my promises to myself. Hence this blog is a journal about all the stuff I find out on my way to a B-School.

Plan of Action

Here's what you need to get into a top 100 business school (I'm aiming for top 30 in Fall 2011):

1. GMAT score (valid for 5 years)

2. Solidly good work ex, preferably with a bit of volunteer/out of office work thrown in - its quality, not quantity

3. Fairly good acads (weightage depends on quality of work ex)

4. Recommendation letters from people who have worked with you closely - these can be professors or

5. Statement of Purpose - a 1000 word essay on why you should be let into THAT particular school

6. Some schools have additional requirements - for instance, Columbia School of Business needs you to develop a 10 slide presentation. They expect it to tell them something about you that is not covered in the application. Power Point being one of my fav softwares, I'm definitely applying to Columbia!

7. Financial Budgeting (more on this later) - depending on the school, you have to shell out around $50,000 purely for tuition fees. Add to that living expenses and the odd $10,000 you need to jet set and be part of exchange programs and network - all integral to the great B-School experience. Let the scrounging begin.

8. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork, esp if you apply for scholarships (which I will)

Hopefully this list will convert itself to links to other posts by - ok, here starts the deadline setting - end of July.

My background

Born and brought up in India.

Good scores from a fairly good engineering college in India in July 2007. Currently working in Shell Scripting and J2EE in an Indian IT service company in Australia. Having Australian Permanent Residency, I am definitely looking at getting an admit from AGSM and MBS, the only 2 Australian B-Schools in the top 100 world ranking.

As of now, my schedule is packed with working from 9 to 5 (sometimes 9 to 7), household chores and my kid sister who lives with me (and is a full time student). Of course add in a generous dose of time spent watching DVDs and reading books and you have my life about covered. Thankfully, not too committed in terms of a social life, although I spend about 30 minutes a day in personal correspondence to friends back home.


Planned GMAT date - mid 2009.

Planned GMAT score - 720 +

Reason - Valid for 5 years, lets get it out of the way while my studying habits are still fresh

Which means I have almost a year to perfect my prep.

Right, late for work. More on GMAT prep plan later.

Ubuntu too?


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This is the new Vista Home Basic default wallpaper.


This is the old Ubuntu default wallpaper.


You do the math. And frankly, the brown looks classier.

Ah MACAIN, you've done it again


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MacBook-pro-24-carat-Gold Mac Air obsession rears its unhealthy head once more. I will never buy one, so why not dream of the best while I'm at it. For a tidy lil sum of $3000, you can have yours go metallic on you - from gold to chromiuim to nickel. The Apple logo itself is inlaid either with diamonds for a more *cough cough* subtle look or with semi-precious stones, in full over-the-top technicolor glory.

gold-ipodFor mere mortals, we may still have a chance at designer glory. The company is offering to do the same for iPod Classics. Similar services for other products are in the pipeline.